The project

Hippos in numbers

  • Total area 105,000 m2
  • Investment 158 million EUR
  • Estimated net return 11 million EUR
  • Public sector*  share of long-term cash flow 62% 
  • The average duration of a lease 23 years
  • People employed directly by Hippos 600 
  • People employed indirectly by Hippos 300+ 
  • Annual visits to Hippos 4.7 million

    *City of Jyväskylä, JYU, JAMK, KIHU

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Jyväskylän Hippos Ky

The City of Jyväskylä, Lehto Group Oyj and Sepos Oy (owned by Taaleri Sijoitus Oyj together with private owners) have established the Jyväskylän Hippos Ky or Kommandiittiyhtiö (Limited Partnership). The company will construct and own the Hippos buildings.

Sepos Oy is an investment company and a developer of companies that promote an active lifestyle. Sepos Oy acts as an agent and coordinator in the Hippos project and will participate in the marketing, operational development and construction. The main owners of Sepos are Timo Everi, Ilkka Kilpimaa and Taaleri Sijoitus Oy.

Taaleri Sijoitus Oy is an investment and insurance company. Taaleri Sijoitus Oy owns 30% of Sepos Oy. The parent company Taaleri Oyj is listed publicly on the Nasdaq Helsinki Oy stock exchange.

Lehto Group is a construction company that builds apartments, business and care facilities and schools. Lehto was selected as the constructor of Hippos through tender. Lehto is an investor in the Hippos project and they have planned a significant part of the project and permit phase.

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Estimated project schedule

  • Submission of building permit images Sep-Oct 2021
  • Preliminary preparations for the area (demolition of the pesäpallo arena, relocations of pipelines, etc.) Sep-Dec 2021
  • Commencement of construction work (depends on permit) Jan 2022 - Mar 2022
  • Duration of construction work 24 months (ice rink 2: adds 7-8 months*)
  • Commissioning of the buildings 2024

* The Sports Lab on the ice rink cannot be dismantled before the completion of the Science and business centre.

A carbon-neutral Hippos

Hippos has ambitious environmental goals: The property complex is aiming for a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certificate in terms of energy efficiency. Low temperature district heating will be implemented in the area, which will enable, for example, the maximum utilisation of the waste heat of ice rinks.

Solar panels will be built on the roofs of the Hippos properties for them to be able to generate their own electricity. Hippos will favour renewable energy if it is available.

The area will be planned to be as accessible as possible to public transport and emission-free means of transport.


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Rental of premises, Infonia
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Rental of premises, Infonia
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Project manager, Hippos
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Project manager, Hippos
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