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More than 100,000 square metres for sports, business and research

Jyväskylä is called the Capital of Sport in Finland. Hippos will double the indoor sports facilities in the area from what Jyväskylä already has.

This will allow a wider range of athletes and clubs to rent spaces and use them to meet, train, play and spend time together. A total of 105,000 square metres of new premises will be built in Hippos.

  • Diverse sports, athletics and exercise possibilities
  • Modern, hybrid, ergonomic workspaces
  • Everyday services, such as shops, restaurants and an athletic playschool
  • Top of the line research and laboratory services
  • Comprehensive event and convention services
  • Workplace wellbeing and team building activities

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Examples of premises at Hippos

Path 1084

26 000 m2

Science and business centre

Path 1085

1600 m2

Vast gym, indoor climbing and training centre

Group 447

430 m

Running track

Group 450


Badminton + padel + basketball + volleyball courts

Group 448

6500 m2

Ice rinks

Group 456


Parking spaces


Sports centre

The sports centre will have facilities for around 20 different sports such as athletics, gymnastics, martial arts and team sports. There are hybrid training facilities, which can be adapted to the needs of different sports. The centre also includes an indoor game arena for about 2,000 spectators and multi-purpose courts for different ball games. The sports centre also houses a playschool, restaurants and a supermarket.

Science and business centre

At Hippos, the science and business centre is the heart of R&D and innovative business derived from it. The Faculty of Sports Science of the University of Jyväskylä and the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences both have teaching and research facilities at the centre, such as the Training Room and the Kihu Research Laboratory. There is also plenty of office space in the building.

There are several other business premises, restaurants and cafés next to the business and research centre as well.

HIPPOS sisäänkäynti

Ice arena centre

The existing Hippos ice rink will be renovated and expanded to create a new ice arena. It can be a sports auditorium for 6,000+ people or an event auditorium for 7,000+ people. In addition to the main ice arena, three training ice rinks will be built. The third one will be built once the rest of Hippos is in operation.

Outdoor spaces

A new pesäpallo stadium and an outdoor sports park will be built on the Hippos campus for common use.


Hippos in its entirety

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