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Continuous development is the lifeblood of a growing business. Hippos offers a strong research and development network for its partner companies to collaborate with.

Hippos will be home to many levels of research: the latest scientific research, applied research in the field, and the business product development.

International olympic-level sports research will also be conducted at Hippos, and Hospital Nova is a stone's throw away; the place where every Finnish sports physician specialises in their science.

Rapidly developing health tech and new digital solutions will be commonplace for companies based in Hippos. Your company too can find new paths to international markets and investment cooperation through our global ecosystem community HHub.

Hippos is a community of first movers. Take the first step and join us!

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Why move to Hippos?

You will be creating the future

Demand for services and expertise related to health, wellbeing, sports and exercise is on the rise. Hippos will be the birthplace of new innovations.

You will be where your target audience is

There are thousands of people every day in the Hippos area from preschoolers to seniors and from dog walkers to top athletes. Hippos also draws researchers, students, company employees, international guests and event participants.

You will be developing your business with top experts

The science and business centre has unique research expertise from scientific knowledge to translating it to practical business.

You will be offering your partners a unique customer experience

Make your customer meetings an experience. The new arena complex is an impressive experiential setting for any type of corporate event.

You will be investing in your foremost asset, your employees

Working from Hippos, you can offer your employees a unique opportunity to combine office work and physical wellbeing. We make balancing work and life even easier with services such as the sports pre-school and a supermarket right  in the complex.

You will be inspired by other pioneers

At Hippos, you’ll be with companies that share the same values: a pioneering spirit to make the world a healthier place and an ethos of taking care of the wellbeing of employees too.

Merging work with wellbeing like never before

You arrive at your workplace in the morning, on foot, by bike, bus or car, and drop your kids off at the sports pre-school at the same address. You take a video call meeting on the move and walk down to the ground floor café to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Then, depending on your mood, you can continue working either from your office or the common work areas, where you can bump into some of the other professionals in your field.

Before lunch, you pop into the gym with your personal trainer for your daily regime. That got you hungry. The restaurant has plenty of diverse, healthy options for lunch. Looks like you're eating with top athletes again.

In the afternoon you want some time to think about your work project so you have a quick mindful jog on the running track. After work, you pop into the supermarket for any items that are missing from your fridge. Don’t forget to pick up your kids too from playschool! They can’t wait to tell you what games they spent the day playing.

HHub – a global wellbeing ecosystem

HHub is an international ecosystem gathering together innovators in smart health and human performance. HHub, which is based at Hippos, allows you to take part in the buzz and synergies created by the rapidly growing start-up and scale-up companies and cutting-edge R&D institutions.


Various growth programs and networks as well as international research cooperation are visibly present when you are connected globally at Hippos.

Read more on the HHub website

Faculty of Sports Science, University of Jyväskylä

The Faculty of Sports Science of the University of Jyväskylä is an internationally renowned scientific community that researches exercise and wellbeing and works on human wellbeing from individuals all the way to the level of populations. The faculty comprises about 200 experts and about 1,400 students.

Their ultimate goal is to increase and maintain people’s health, functioning and wellbeing at the different stages of the course of life. The Faculty is the main university-level unit for sport and physical exercise education in Finland. Research and teaching facilities of the faculty will be based in Hippos.

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Health and Welfare Unit, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMK

In addition to bachelor's and master’s degree education and continuous learning, JAMK's Health and Welfare Unit offers customer-focused research, development and innovation activities together with its network. The unit is experienced in domestic and international service business and applied research, with several different research projects underway.

For example, the GaitAge research project uses a new walking sensor to investigate changes in the biomechanics of walking in different environments in older people. The research provides new information on individual-environment interaction and its significance in the mobility of older people.
Hippos will house almost the entire Health and Welfare Unit, about 150 employees.

HIPPOS oleskelualue

KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports

KIHU or Kilpa- ja huippu-urheilun tutkimuskeskus is the Finnish Olympic sports research institute. Its mission is to promote top-level sport through advanced, innovative and ethically responsible applied research and development and expertise activities.

In elite sports, KIHU’s experts are part of an athlete’s coaching team participating in the daily planning and follow-up of coaching and training . Practical support may take the form of physiological measurements, technique analyses, match analyses as well as enhancement of skills. 

Hippos will offer the space and new opportunities for implementing and developing KIHU's research and expert activities.

Training Room Jyväskylä

The Training Room at Hippos is a place for developing athletes' preventive health care and disability rehabilitation, as well as methods for preparing for or returning to training. The Training Room is a joint development project of KIHU, the University of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMK.

The Training Room is a set of support services that promotes the athlete's health, recovery and readiness for quality training. It has a whole healthcare team at its disposal comprising many professionals: An athlete can easily reach a doctor, physiotherapist, physiologist, nutritionist and psychiatric coach.

The Training Room offers opportunities for independent practice, downtime and sessions with a physiotherapist. In addition to the space, athletes have access to recovery equipment, such as a cold pool and an infrared sauna.


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