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Renting premises

Are you interested in leasing premises? Contact Jukka or Mikko at Infonia.



Jukka Akselin

Rental of premises, Infonia
+358 40 504 1401


Mikko Hirvi

Rental of premises, Infonia
+358 40 757 9731

The Hippos project and the HHub ecosystem

Are you interested in specific questions on the Hippos project? Contact Kari.
Are you interested in the networks and business opportunities of Hippos? Contact Nina. 



Kari Halinen

Project manager, Hippos
+358 50 573 7034


Nina Rautiainen

Project manager, Hippos
Innovation and growth
+358 50 413 7028

Come to Hippos

Interested in hearing more about the Hippos project and business opportunities? Leave us a contact request using this form.